Steel Tongs (355mm)

Quantum steel tongs 355mm top down
Quantum steel tongs 355mm top down

Steel Tongs (355mm)

The Steel Tongs (355mm) are a great, versatile tool for barbequing.

The large 355mm size makes them perfect for flipping, turning and grabbing larger pieces of meat or vegetables, such as whole chickens, large steaks, or large vegetables. 

The steel construction allows for a strong grip and makes them durable for years of use.

Crafted from quality stainless steel to help maintain a pristine appearance while being highly corrosion resistant, they are also easy to clean. 

When not in use, hang the tongs up with the brown leather hang strap for convenient storage.

  • Quality stainless steel that is highly corrosion resistant
  • Easy to grip handles for your comfort and to provide easy handling of food without slipping
  • Brown leather hang strap
  • Length: 355mm



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