4K BBQ Graphite Bluetooth App Connectivity

App Connectivity

Exceptional design

The 4K Bluetooth® App Connectivity takes your grilling experience to a whole new level.

Orange 4K BBQ (Discontinued Colour)

Bluetooth® App Connectivity

With the Everdure by Heston app on your smartphone or tablet, you gain complete control over your 4K at your fingertips.

Unlocking the power of Bluetooth® App Connectivity

Mint 4K Bluetooth Connectivity

Easy and intuitive control

Adjust the temperature, set timers, and monitor the progress of your cook—all from the comfort of your chair.

4K Touch Glass Control Panel

Precision temperature control

Bluetooth® App Connectivity allows you to set and monitor your desired cooking temperature with unparalleled precision.

$k BBQ Graphite Touch Screen Gauge

Real time monitoring

Bluetooth® App Connectivity provides real-time temperature updates and alerts, so you can relax with friends and family without worrying about your food.

The benefits of the Bluetooth® Connectivity App

Designed to add convenient and intuitive advantages to your outdoor cooking experience

Guided cooking

The app comes with a library of guided cooking programs and recipes tailored to your 4K. These programs walk you through each step of the cooking process, making it easy to create restaurant-quality dishes right in your backyard.

Convenient updates

Everdure by Heston regularly updates the app to enhance functionality and add new features, ensuring that your 4K experience continues to evolve.


The app helps you manage your grilling sessions efficiently, so you can spend more time enjoying your meal and less time fussing over the grill. Unlock the full potential of your 4K by trying new recipes and techniques with confidence.

4K Colourways Set


No more constantly checking the 4K — monitor your cooking from the comfort of your chair.

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