4000 years and counting: Why charcoal still reigns supreme in the kitchen

4000 years and counting: Why charcoal still reigns supreme in the kitchen

There are times in life we may find ourselves inherently grateful for the innovation that has swept through our society, overshadowing the once ancient methods & ways of life – take surgery and hygiene to name the more important upgrades.

Yet, on the inverse there are a select few things which after thousands of years remain constant. Innovation may have refined and perfected these methods, but the underlying principle lays the same.


There is no finer example of this than charcoal grilling. 


Consider the Everdure 4K Charcoal grill. It weaves together all the best elements of charcoal grilling from the past 4000 years, and brings it into the digital age. The bluetooth connectivity means that you know exactly what is happening inside without even having to open the hood. 

Cooking the perfect meal will always be contingent on the fuel you use. Even the best cut of meat won’t amount to much if it is cooked in a microwave. On the flip side, even lower quality cuts can rise to the occasion in charcoal BBQs . But when your ingredients are high quality and so is your fuel, this is when the magic happens. There are a number of reasons why every attempt to displace charcoal grills has failed. 


1. Charcoal lights very quickly.

While a wood fire takes a long time to build up the heat needed to cook your meal, charcoal is less dense and can be at the perfect temperature within ten minutes.


2. Charcoal burns hotter.

It packs more potential energy per gram than wood, so it can sear your food to perfection in ways that you had previously only experienced in fine dining. If you needed to, you could crank a charcoal grill up to 350 degrees celsius.


3. Charcoal doesn’t smoke like wood.

A charcoal grill burns so much cleaner than a wood fire. If you’ve ever had a BBQ ruined because you smell like a forest fire, you will be in luck with charcoal.


4. It tastes better

A charcoal grill is superior because of what it does to the taste of your meal. The type of wood which has been used to make the charcoal leaves its unique, subtle imprint. Think of that hickory flavour you’ve loved but never been able to nail at home. It’s now within your grasp. 

A good charcoal grill will let you control  the temperature, down to the degree. You’re firmly in the driver’s seat, ensuring that you win with every meal. If you are looking to cook something “low and slow”, Everdure by Heston Blumenthal 100% Natural Lump Charcoal will let you do just that.

If you’ve ever experienced meat falling off the bone after a few hours spent slow cooking over a charcoal grill, you’ll no doubt understand the phrase “it was worth the wait”.

An experienced chef can cook a great meal with a fairly rudimentary grill and at the end of the day, you’ll get what you paid for. The best grills will disperse the heat evenly, the 4k’s intricate air vents are marked with a numbering system, allowing for a more responsive and balanced flow of air giving an impressive temperature range.

The best grill available is the Everdure 4K Charcoal grill as it takes 4000 years of tradition and merges it perfectly with the finest of culinary technology. It truly is the perfect blend of old world wisdom and new world innovation.


Bon appetit.