Adventure Awaits: Camping with the CUBE™ 360

Adventure Awaits: Camping with the CUBE™ 360


Camping is all about embracing the great outdoors, and one of the most satisfying aspects of any camping trip is cooking over an open flame.

Everdure by Heston's CUBE™ 360 charcoal barbeque is the perfect companion for your camping adventures. Read more to see how this compact and versatile BBQ can enhance your camping experience by providing delicious, outdoor-cooked meals that will leave you longing for more.


The CUBE™ 360 Charcoal Barbeque: Your Perfect Camping Partner

Everdure's CUBE™ 360 is specifically designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Its compact, portable, and innovative design makes it a versatile cooking solution for camping trips. Here's how it can enhance your camping experience:


1. Portability and Compact Design

The CUBE™ 360 is a portable marvel. Its compact size and integrated carry handles make it easy to transport to your campsite. Whether you're car camping, backpacking, or RVing, the CUBE™ 360 is a hassle-free grilling option that won't take up too much space.


2. Quick and Easy Setup

Setting up the CUBE™ 360 is a breeze. It's designed for simplicity, with minimal assembly required. The efficient airflow design means you can start grilling in no time, making it perfect for when you're eager to enjoy a campfire-cooked meal without the wait.


3. Precise Temperature Control

Despite its small size, the CUBE™ 360 offers precision temperature control. The adjustable air vents allow you to regulate the heat, ensuring that you can grill or barbeque your meals to perfection. From searing steaks and vege to slow-cooking meats, the CUBE™ 360 delivers consistent results.


4. Versatile Cooking Options

The CUBE™ 360 is more than just a grill; it's a multifunctional outdoor cooking tool. You can use it as a barbeque, smoker, or even a small fire pit for roasting marshmallows and keeping warm by the campfire.


5. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

After a satisfying meal, the CUBE™ 360 is a breeze to clean. The removable charcoal tray and enamel-coated grates are easy to wipe down, ensuring minimal hassle after the cooking is done.


Delicious Camping Meals with the CUBE™ 360

Now that you're familiar with the benefits of the CUBE™ 360, let's explore some delicious camping meal ideas that you can easily prepare on this portable charcoal barbecue:


1. Classic Campfire Burgers: There's something undeniably satisfying about a perfectly grilled burger with all the fixings. Season your patties, grill them on the CUBE™ 360, and assemble your burgers with fresh vegetables, cheese, and condiments.

2. Grilled Vegetables: Enhance your camping meals with a medley of grilled vegetables. Bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions seasoned with herbs and olive oil make a fantastic side dish.

3. S'mores and More: As the evening chill sets in, use the CUBE™ 360 as a small fire pit for roasting marshmallows and making classic s'mores. Enjoy the warmth of the fire and the sweet delight of gooey marshmallows.


The Everdure by Heston CUBE™ 360 charcoal barbeque is your ticket to enjoying mouthwatering meals in the great outdoors. Its portability, ease of use, and versatility make it the ideal cooking companion for camping adventures.

So, pack up your camping gear, grab your CUBE™ 360, and get ready to savour the joys of open-fire cooking during your next outdoor excursion. Campfire cuisine has never tasted so good!