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The Charcoal Shovel is the perfect accessory for any BBQ or outdoor cooking enthusiast.

It is designed to make it easier to lift and transport charcoal to your grill without the hassle of using your hands.

The shovel features a deep bowl to hold a large number of charcoal pieces, allowing you to quickly and easily load your grill.

For easy storage, use the brown leather hang strap to store the Charcoal Shovel when not in use.

The Charcoal Shovel is a great addition to any outdoor kitchen, creating a safer and more efficient environment for your cooking needs.

Try it out with any of our barbeques from our Charcoal Barbeque range.

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• Crafted from quality stainless steel to help maintain a pristine appearance while being highly corrosion resistant
• Easy to grip handles for your comfort and to provide easy handling of charcoal without slipping
• Brown leather hang strap

• Stainless steel
• Brown leather hang strap


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