Cliplock Forks
Cliplock Forks on Rotisserie Rod
Cliplock Forks on HUB
Cliplock Forks and Heston
Cliplock Forks In Use
Cliplock Forks Rotisserie Rod Installation
Cliplock Forks Chicken

Cliplock™ Forks

The ClipLock™ Forks are an innovative product designed to make grilling and barbequing easier and safer.

These stainless steel forks feature a patented locking mechanism that allows you to securely attach your food to the barbeque without worry.

The forks can easily pierce through the toughest meats and vegetables, allowing you to turn and flip your food with ease.

The locking mechanism also helps to keep your food securely in place while you are cooking, reducing the risk of the food falling off the barbeque.

The forks are also easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for frequent use.

BBQ's and Rotisserie Rod not included. Cliplock™ Forks only.

Select either FUSION™ or HUB™ / HUB™ II to ensure you get the correct size for your BBQ. 

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• Stainless steel
• 2 Pack
• Patented locking mechanism
• Easily pierce tough meats
• Easy to clean and maintain

Stainless steel


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