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Perfect companion for all adventures

Portable Charcoal Barbeque with Roasting Hood

The CUBE™ 360 is the ultimate portable charcoal barbeque, uniquely designed to create an effortless grilling, smoking, and roasting experience in any environment.

Achieve versatility in your cooking results using the Roasting Hood and the height-adjustable grill, giving you control of the cooking distance from charcoal.

Travel is safe and straightforward with the CUBE™ 360’s cool-to-touch handles and ergonomic wooden carry handle. Use the 3-piece toolkit including tongs, spatula, and cleaning brush to enjoy a seamless grilling experience from beginning to end.

Easy to set up, grill, clean, transport, and store, it’s the perfect companion for wherever your next trip takes you. Enjoy traditional charcoal grilling, the new way.

Note: The CUBE™ 360 fits poultry under the Roasting Hood up to the height of 13.5cm


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• Cool to touch handles
• Easy to clean
• Built-in heat protection shield
• Portable and lightweight
• Temperature gauge on roasting hood
• Height adjustable chrome grill
• Air flow control vent
• Ergonomic wooden handle
• Side ventilation

• Height: 337 mm
• Width: 425 mm
• Depth: 347 mm

• 1 CUBE™ 360 Base
• 1 Chrome Grill
• 1 Charcoal Tray
• 1 Roasting Hood
• 1 Charcoal Support Rack
• 3 Piece Toolkit: Spatula, Tongs, BBQ Brush

Pairs well with

Everdure by Heston CUBE 360 Split

Cooking versatility

Showcase your grilling, roasting, and smoking skills in any environment.

Everdure by Heston CUBE 360 Outdoors

Convenient to clean

Side vents of the Roasting Hood easily extinguish charcoal.

Compact for travel

Secure the Roasting Hood to the base using the safety latches and carry it easily with the cool-to-touch ergonomic handles.

Fully equipped

Purchase the CUBE™ 360 from Everdure by Heston to receive the three-piece BBQ Toolkit that comes with it. Featuring Tongs, a Spatula & a BBQ Brush.

Everdure by Heston CUBE 360 BBQ Kit
Everdure by Heston CUBE 360 Lifestyle
Convenience, reimagined

Cool-to-touch handles

With a built-in heat protection shield, the CUBE™ 360 can be used almost anywhere, while the stainless steel handles remain cool to the touch, even while cooking.

Upgrade your CUBE™

Already have the CUBE™? No stress - Grab the CUBE™ 360 Roasting Hood separately for a convenient upgrade!

Everdure by Heston CUBE 360 Roasting Hood Top
Everdure by Heston CUBE Roasting Hood Khaki CUBE
Everdure by Heston CUBE Orange with Roasting Hood

CUBE™ 360 Deconstructed

Carry with ease

Ergonomic wooden handle designed to easily carry the unit

Control air flow & heat

Top vent system to control air flow and heat while roasting and smoking

Quickly extinguish charcoal

Side vents to quickly extinguish ignited charcoal

Safe to handle

Equipped with cool-to-touch carry handles and built-in heat protection shield

Portable & Compact

Securely travel with the safety latches and lightweight steel construction

Easy to clean

Removable charcoal tray nad porcelain enamelled firebox make the unit easy to clean

Height adjustable chrome grill

Manage the distance from charcoal with the height adjustable chrome grill

Buy Replacement

Monitor the temperature

Monitor heat with the temperature gauge on the roasting hood

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