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Premium Spatula


This Premium Spatula with Soft Grip and stainless steel is an excellent tool for any kitchen.

It is constructed of durable stainless steel and has a soft, comfortable grip that makes it easy to use.

The spatula is designed to make flipping, scraping, and stirring easy and efficient.

The head is angled to fit easily into pans, bowls, and other containers.

The ergonomic design ensures comfort and control while working.

The Premium Spatula with Soft Grip comes in Medium (M) and Large (L).

The Large Premium Spatula has a slotted design, and the Medium Premium Spatula is solid. 

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• Brushed stainless steel spatula
• Two size options: Medium & Large
• Premium build w/ soft grip handle
• LARGE: 448 x 99 x 42 mm
• MEDIUM: 233 x 99 x 70 mm
• 4mm thick gauge

• Stainless steel

• LARGE: 448 x 99 x 42 mm
• MEDIUM: 233 x 99 x 70 mm
• 4mm thick gauge


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