FORCE™ Cover

This heavy-duty barbeque cover is the perfect solution for protecting your FORCE™ from the elements.

Crafted from robust, 425gsm UV protected material and a waterproof lining, it will keep your barbeque safe and dry throughout the seasons.

Secure the cover with the additional velcro straps for added protection in windy weather.

The sleek black colour will blend in seamlessly with your outdoor décor, keeping your FORCE™ looking like new for years to come. Invest in this barbeque cover and enjoy the peace of mind that your barbecue is properly protected.

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• Premium full length barbeque cover for FORCE™
• Heavy duty 425gsm UV protected material
• Waterproof lining
• Velcro Straps

Heavy duty 425gsm UV protected material

  • FORCE™


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