Pizza Stone
Pizza Stone Cordierite

Pizza Stone

If you’re looking for the perfect way to make delicious, crispy, and evenly-cooked pizza on your barbeque, look no further than the Pizza Stone.

The Pizza Stone is made of cordierite, which absorbs heat from the barbeque to create the perfect surface for making pizza. The stone’s heat retention and even distribution of heat make it a great choice for getting the perfect pizza, every time.

The stone also helps to keep the pizza from burning, and its non-porous surface prevents liquid from seeping into the stone and preventing the pizza from sticking. Plus, its durable material makes it a great long-term investment.

Suitable for 4K, HUB™, HUB™ II, FUSION™, FORCE™ or FURNACE™.

Can also be used on any other gas or charcoal barbeque.
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• Cordierite
• Heat retention and even distribution of heat
• Non-porous surface prevents liquid from seeping into the stone
• Non-stick



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